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Welcome to Healing Remedies




Patient with psoriasis in December 2014 and November 2015 (psoriasis free)


At last a healing skin range which will help your skin and muscular conditions that it’s even safe to eat.

We are proud to launch the first of our Healing Remedies skin care range to all those in need of relief. We present to you toning, soothing and nourishing products packed with finest quality carriers’ oils, infused oils, essential oils, Aloe Vera gel and herbs all full of nutrients. Fresh herbs are used in some products as we want them to be as natural as possible.

Healing Remedies is a skin range which fills the gap in existing therapeutic skin ranges. The massive production of many therapeutic skin care products can involve the inclusion of harmful ingredients or preservatives. My patients have often reacted to these commercial products and therefore topical application of was not often possible. Our products are handmade in order to avoid the energy or vibration of machinery.

Topical applications for rare skin and muscular conditions are often not available. So over the last 15 years I developed my own skin care products for my patients who had various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, wound healing or ear infections. Each remedy had a nickname like Hanna, who first benefited from my Aromatherapy foot serum in her persistent tinea, Alison who used my Acne and Blemish gel before her wedding, Little James who was given Ear Relief for his ear infection, Janet with my Eczema cream and Anti-aging Serum or Joseph with a sciatica using St John’s Wort Oil.

We have included some ancient and forgotten remedies like Amber tincture or St John’s Wort infused oil. If a patient comes to me with a headache to our Clinic, a few drops on the temples and wrist relieves it within a minute. If sciatica or neuralgia is a problem I give a sample bottle of St John’s wort oil and send the patient to my amenities room to apply the oil on the affected area. The relief of pain is within few minutes. Healing Remedies products are free from:

  • steroids
  • paraffin
  • glycerine
  • parabens
  • petrochemicals
  • sodium laurel sulphate
  • perfume
  • artificial colours
  • coal tar
  • lanolin 
  • mineral oil